Workings of a Simultaneous Interpretation System

Here's an example...

The sound from the presenter’s/speaker’s voice is picked up by various microphones (1) in the room, processed into the control unit (2), and the microphone control (3).

The signal from those microphones is then sent to the interpretation booth (4), so the interpreters can hear, through headphones, what needs to be interpreted. This same signal is also sent to a sound system in the room, for the audience to hear the presenter’s voice directly in the room.

The interpreters' voices are sent from the soundproof booth through their interpreter's console microphone (5) to Infrared Transmitters (6), or FM transmitters, which then broadcast the signal throughout the room via either Infrared Radiators (7), or antennas (for FM systems) for the delegates to hear, through their respective receiver/headphones (8).

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