Equipment Rental and Other Services

Our relentless efforts to provide our clients with an excellent service has always inspired and motivated us to develop linguistic services tailored to the needs of each specific industry.

The expertise we have garnered in the public and private sectors allows us to deliver full and professional services to our clients.

Translation, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and all these services have been designed to fulfill multiple market requirements.

We also offer to people with visual or hearing impairments oral interpreting services, captioning services, as well as ASL and LSQ sign language services.

Services are made available to all speakers and participants to give them the opportunity to speak and to communicate in the language they choose.

Our rental services include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment with isolation booth and wireless headphones, FM and infrared
  • Portable interpretation equipment (PTX), used for tours or where space is limited
  • Sound amplification equipment, speakers, microphones, conference microphones, wireless microphones
  • Audio-Visual equipment, projectors, screens, flat screen monitors, video cameras
  • Telephone interfaces for remote telephone conferences
  • Remote interpretation through teleconferencing
  • Video conference equipment with simultaneous interpretation
  • Voting systems

Other available services:

  • Recording of your conferences in MP3 format, burned onto CD's
  • Webcasting services

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